There is a solution to every problem

Thanks to decades of experience in the field WFL is known as the leading technology provider in complete machining. Thousands of machining problems solved evidence its unbeatable competence and the significant technological superiority.

  • Turning


    Highest Surface Quality

    Savings of turning tools due to the use of one tool in different angular positions as well as inverting the tool for clockwise and counterclockwise machining.

  • Boring


    Diameter Length Ratio more than 1:100

    Machining with internal or external coolant supply in all angular positions to the turning center. Change between different machine tools will be avoided.

  • Milling


    High Material Removal Rate

    Machining of flats and grooves in all angular positions. Due to the interpolation of up to 5-axes machining of any geometrical geometry is possible.


Other technologies

WFL develops tailor-made technologies and cycles to satisfy specific customer requirements. Any machining technology can be performed on a Millturn – from deep-hole drilling to gearing … Clamp once – machine complete.