WFL previously owned machines

In the era of fast-paced development and progress, quality and innovative solutions stand the test of time. WFL's used machines are proof of this - even after several years of use, they still demonstrate a very high level of competitiveness.

Just like with our new machines, WFL offers unique possibilities with regard to quality and customer care.

Benefits when purchasing a WFL used machine:

- All used machines purchased from WFL undergo a machine check in which all modules are assessed according to our rating system.

- With WFL, you do not just buy a used machine. We see extensive training packages, as well as delivery, commissioning of the machine and guarantees, as natural services that we will gladly add to our offers on request.

- In addition, we also offer retrofit packages. These range from minor modernization, to customer-specific adjustments to specifications, to general overhauling.

- All services offered will be carried out with the highest quality, just like our new machines.