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Focal Point: WFL Branch in Diadema, Brazil

Our customers are situated all over the world. Your nearest WFL Millturn Technologies branch is not far away, thus guaranteeing a reliable partnership. With sales partners from 50 different countries and 7 WFL subsidiaries worldwide, we are a global enterprise with extensive resources. Find your local representative and contact us!

So that you can get to know WFL better, in each issue of COMPLETE we will be introducing one of our WFL branches. For this reason, we contacted the responsible branch managers and asked them about relevant topics that may be of interest.

What makes WFL in Brazil what it is?
The reason why WFL has had such a long-standing active market presence in Brazil is down to the fact that, with a population of 210 million, the country is of great economic importance. WFL is very well established in Brazil’s machinery engineering industry. In 2012 it was decided that a new branch would be opened in Diadema, which is  located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo and has a population of over 20 million. Around 90% of our customers are based within a radius of only 150 km. Our branch in Brazil has enabled us to have an extensive selection of spare parts available at all times. This allows our service technicians to respond rapidly to our customers’ needs. Alongside taking care of new customer business, we are focused on providing technical support for machines already installed so that customers can always rely on us to respond quickly. Our team in Brazil is highly motivated to offer our customers the best possible support. Our technicians are well trained in maintenance, repair and advice at  our headquarters in Austria.

What does our range of clientele look like?
Most of our customers in Brazil are in the aviation or oil and gas industries. The majority of them are very well-known international manufacturers. We also have a number of smaller producers within the market. There is additional interest in our products in the crankshaft industry and gear manufacture. We are also keeping our eye on exciting  evelopments in the wind energy market. These ongoing market changes keep our spirit of discovery and eagerness for innovation at the highest possible level.

Please, tell us a bit about yourself!
The machine tools industry has been part of my life since childhood, as my curiosity was sparked back when I was a pupil at secondary school in Senai. There I took a course in mechanics, and then in college a more in-depth course in machine engineering technology. I then studied machine engineering technology, specialising in maintenance and repair. After my postgraduate studies in marketing, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I began my career at ROMI, the largest manufacturer of machine tools in Brazil. For 25 years I worked in application and sales engineering. In 2008 I became the Head of Sales at Prensa Jundiaí, the largest Brazilian manufacturer of metal presses. After seven successful years there, I was looking to take my career in a new direction and began working at WFL in the machining sector. This industry is where my heart truly lies. The motto “Clamp Once – Machine Complete” – the multitude of machining possibilities contained within one machine – never ceases to inspire me.



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