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The WFL DATA ANALYZER is a software package for capturing and analysing the data of WFL Millturn Technologies machines. All production data can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

IN USEKeep the overview and exploit the optimization potential for your smart factory

Data can also be maintained and managed using smartphones, tablets, notebooks and PCs. As such, all information about the machines and their statuses can be obtained within a matter of seconds. The WFL DATA ANALYZER helps users to record and call up statuses and production data. What’s more, the software package enables them to react quickly and make any adjustments deemed necessary. The WFL DATA ANALYZER‘s applications unlock a multitude of possibilities for controlling upcoming production processes perfectly.

How does the WFL DATA ANALYZER work?
The WFL DATA ANALYZER runs on a separate computer, which is integrated in the control cabinet of the machine. The system records the machine‘s process data and this is saved to a database and made available via a web server. The process data can be displayed on a network-compatible end device via an up-todate browser.


Benefits of the WFL DATA ANALYZER
  • Machines, tools, equipment and measuring devices communicate with each other
  • Transparency & monitoring: What is running where? Which machine is idle? Has the machine already been retooled for the next orders?
  • Regular assessments of productivity and availability
  • Data can be called up anytime, anywhere – whether on a PC, tablet or mobile
  • No “cloud solution” (data stays within the company)
  • Reduction of cycle, process and machining times
  • Visualisation of data via web browser



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