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WFL Tooling Solutions

With WFL Tooling Solutions, customers don’t just receive a sophisticated tool but a comprehensive tool solution that ensures outstanding component accessibility. Each solution is like a human hand which has been improved with sensors and measurement technology.

Sensor technology pioneer
WFL Tooling Solutions specialises in cutting complicated machining sections. It focuses in particular on sensor technology in order to ensure optimum protection for tools. WFL is a pioneer in this area as, thanks to these smart tools, the machine is able to identify load peaks and respond immediately to them. The CoroPlus® boring bar is already equipped with this mechanism to detect the tool’s load capacity.

Fit for the future of metal cutting
One trend is currently emerging in terms of the development of complex components, namely the tendency to avoid joints so as to manufacture each workpiece from just one single blank. It is harder to manufacture these for certain machining sections. When used in conjunction with WFL Tooling Solutions’ optimally shaped tools the hand is able to reach previously inaccessible machining sections. Specially shaped angular heads and other special tools provide the ideal solution.

Minimising and even replacing grinding processes
Another product segment is milling tools for the production of difficult milling contours, which make it possible to get nearer to the end contour. A revolution is taking place here in particular with regard to the manufacturing of rotors for compressors. By eliminating the grinding process, which is feasible under certain conditions  and with adapted tolerances, WFL Tooling Solutions is able to efficiently redesign the manufacturing process.

Next-level measurement technology
WFL is also seriously redefining measurement technology standards. The young WFL Software Development Engineer Stefan Huber has developed ingenious measurement software, adapted in line with the WFL form cutters, which makes WFL Tooling Solutions an unbeatable choice. The entire circumference of the milled profile can be scanned without the workpiece having to be unclamped from the machine. After the measuring cut, the forming tools are automatically corrected so that, when it comes to the finish cut, machining qualities are achieved which are very close to the grinding quality.

Maximising potential together
For WFL, consulting with clients to highlight all workpiece machining options is of paramount importance. The specified workpiece tolerances can be carefully examined in detail by WFL’s cutting experts to reduce production costs by making small changes to the component.


WFL Tooling Solutions Product Manager Manfred Baumgartner is your professional contact person. As an application engineer, he mastered complete machining directly on machines before going on to work as a project manager for 20 years. As such, he has first-hand experience of the challenges and requirements of our  customers from all over the world. This know-how forms the beating heart of the Tooling Solutions division. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and contact: ams(at)wfl.at  




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