Offline simulation & programming

The realistic 3D simulation software CrashGuard Studio is the ideal tool for testing and optimising CNC programs after they have been created or modified.

This can be done either on an external workstation or directly on the machine control unit. Thanks to the optimisation of the entire processing sequence and an error correction at an early stage, the risks of collisions and of producing scrap parts as well as unproductive run-in and down times are now a thing of the past.

This allows the use of a whole new range of potential features and thus achieves significant competitive advantages. CrashGuard Studio is the ideal supplement to any CAD-CAM software and for the WFL CrashGuard collision prevention software. Data for workpieces, tools and clamping devices can be transferred as required.


With the interactive graphics of the Millturn PRO programming, NC programs can be created efficiently and easily, thereby enabling CrashGuard Studio to become a universal programming system for complex workpieces (without freeform surfaces). Programming can be carried out on an external programming station or directly at the control panel of the machine itself. The programmed machining operations can be checked continually and step by step in CrashGuard Studio.

The significantly reduced programming time means that CrashGuard Studio is the perfect solution for processes with short reaction times.

Easy-to-understand dialogue boxes simplify the application of all WFL cycles. The cycle parameters are pre-set to sensible values, saving valuable programming time.


CrashGuard Studio und Millturn PRO at a glance

Programming with 3D simulation software for verification of NC programs on the PC

For the programmer

  • Visualisation of all programming steps (incl. WFL/customer cycles) for error detection at an early stage
  • Improved quality of NC programs with respect to efficiency and machine safety
  • Shorter set-up times on the machine, thanks to prior simulation
  • The machine operator receives a collision tested, finished program
  • Easy to programme, thanks to the Millturn PRO program editor
  • All 3D geometry data (tools, clamping devices and workpieces) can be used for both CrashGuard and CrashGuard Studio. The two systems complement each other!
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