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One application - all data

This software allows for a perfect overview of your machines and helps to record and retrieve the current state of the machines as well as the production data. As an industrial PC is integrated in the machine, you can access and manage these data by using your smartphone, tablet or PC - everywhere and at any time. The IT administrator is responsible for the integration of the data and the coordination of access options and securities. Just one click and you can access all information within seconds. This allows for a quick reaction and possible adjustments.

The individual applications of the WFL DATA ANALYZER provide plenty of opportunities for controlling upcoming production processes perfectly.

What are the advantages of the WFL DATA ANALYZER?

  • Machines, tools, raw parts, equipment and measuring devices communicate with each other
  • Breaks new ground and opens up possibilities for products, services and their interaction
  • Transparency and monitoring: What is going on? Which machine is currently not running? Is the machine prepared for the next manufacturing order?
  • Regular evaluation of productivity and availability
  • Retrieval of data via PC, tablet or mobile phone – everywhere, at any time
  • No "cloud solution" (data stays in the company)
  • Reduction of cycle, process and machining times


Download the folder now: WFL DATA ANALYZER

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