Flexibility, stability and precision combined in a Millturn from WFL

As the years before WFL Millturn Technologies will be represented strongly on the IMTS, the leading US-American machine tool show in Chicago. Center of the WFL-booth is the M120 Millturn 6500 and beside an impressive machine visitors will see lots of innovations in machining technology and software.

While non-specialised competitors generally present machining centers with add-on turning spindles, WFL does not accept any compromise when it comes to turning: its M120 Millturn presented at IMTS in Chicago is a complete machining center with a real inclined bed. Thanks to the specific configuration of the WFL centers, the cutting forces which are especially strong in turning operations are transmitted perpendicular to the Z-guideway plane into the sturdy inclined bed. This configuration combined with generously dimensioned guideways and great guideway distances ensures excellent stability. Come and see the M120 Millturn/6500mm live and in operation in Chicago!

This machine type convinces customers with machining lengths from 78 to 315 inches and a swing of up to 48 inches. Along with superior power ranges (up to 168 hp) and torque values (up to 8680 ft lb) of the main spindle, enormous feed rates on all axes make for impressive dynamics and utmost productivity. The 74 hp direct-driven milling spindle guarantees maximum power even at low speed rates – a huge advantage when using large drills and milling cutters. The phenomenal clamping forces of the B-axis allow for the use of damped boring bars with a diameter-length ratio of up to 1:14. A separate pick-up magazine is available optionally for heavy ID-machining tools of up to 5 ft length and 320 lb weight.

On top of that WFL offers another fully automated solution for the use of tools up to 8 ft. Turning, boring, milling, gear cutting, deep-hole boring as well as ID-machining is possible in any angle. By interpolating up to five axes, virtually any geometrical contour can be machined with utmost efficiency. In addition the new ergonomic design of the Millturn machines provides access to the working area of the machine without any steps or barriers and makes the machines even more user friendly. The operator screen can be moved horizontally or swiveled in order to take perfect care of the needs of the operator and the entire operating panel can even be adjusted in height. Software innovations All machine models come equipped with a Siemens Sinumerik 840D control. Thanks to numerous software cycles developed for special operations such as turning with a swivelling B-axis, turn milling, crank pin milling, cam milling or deep-hole boring, extremely complex operations become child’s play. 

A real novelty is the FLANX gear cutting software. With the FLANX software package, ID and OD-gears can be machined in a simple and flexible way - cylindrical gears, crown gears as well as cyclo-palloid gears. WFL plays it safe and provides its 3D simulation software CrashGuard Studio for the simulation and optimisation on a computer of manually developed and post-processor generated CNC programmes in ISO code, including all WFL-cycles. Collision potential can thus be identified and collisions excluded. CNC programmes are thus collision-free from the start. To exclude any remaining risk of a collision in connection with a programme interruption or an operator's mistake, WFL recommends the use of its collision prevention software CrashGuard. Together, CrashGuard Studio and CrashGuard efficiently close any security gap. Since CrashGuard Studio and CrashGuard work with the same tool, clamping and workpiece models, they only need to be created once. CrashGuard Studio and CrashGuard thus directly increase the efficiency of the processes and thereby create an economic advantage for the user.

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