One machine for everything

Highest quality

  • Extremely precise and stable machine performance
  • In-process measuring
  • Maintenance of the narrowest tolerances
  • Low number of clampings (no clamping errors)

Highest flexibility

  • Short set-up times
  • Reduction in clamping devices and special tools
  • Efficient transition of the production process
  • Efficient technology optimisation

Highest degree of utilisation

  • Multiple machine operation
  • Fewer staff for intracompany process
  • Elimination of organisational downtimes
  • High machine capacity

Short lead times

  • Minimal clampings
  • Short wait times
  • Short handling times
  • Less intracompany transport

Our skills

  • Technology leadership
  • Excellent product quality
  • World's largest product range in complete machining
  • Tailor-made customer solutions
  • Immediate global service
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