The WFL customer portal

What is myMILLTURN?

  • WFL Millturn Technologies always strives for offering the customer the best possible and most efficient manufacturing solution.
  • The main focus lies on the efficiency and added value of a MILLTURN.
  • WFL is your companion over the entire life cycle of a MILLTURN and helps you to achieve your production goals and therefore to be competitive.
  • WFL raises collaboration with customers to a new level and offers exclusive, new features with myMILLTURN.
*Your data will be saved in our portal under absolute confidentiality. There will be no transfer of data to third parties or any other marketing activities. Your personal login data may not be passed on to third parties. Every employee of your company can have his own profile created. The number of users per company is not limited.


Communication exchange and networking

Industry experts and MILLTURN users have the possibility to exchange ideas, get tips and talk about new features.

  • Discussions & reports from specialists and users
  • Exchange of tips & tricks
  • Special service offers for every requirement
  • Current & helpful information portal
  • Current topics that are dealt with


Maximize your machine utilization

Achieve perfect usage of your MILLTURN capacities.

  • Plan and increase the capacity utilization of your production
  • Capacity exchange as an advantage (search & find)
  • WFL supports you as a mediator and competence provider
  • Easy control of allocation / search
  • Professional handling thanks to WFL experts
  • The perfect overview of your production


Educate yourself and become a MILLTURN expert

The WFL Academy doesn’t just offer to book training and further education, but also current webinars and online seminars.

  • Constantly new subject areas
  • Best training results thanks to our MILLTURN experts


The perfect tooling solutions for your MILLTURN

Perfectly coordinated tools for every production task

  • Ideal overview of already existing solutions
  • Expand your technical lead
  • Increase performance through perfect coordinated tools
  • Easy processing thanks to WFL tooling experts
  • Professional support

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