Anytime ready for action

Whether regular maintenance, specific repair works or a general overhaul, we will make your MILLTURN ready for use again in the shortest time possible. Based on detailed troubleshooting and error analysis, efficient maintenance is planned and professionally performed by a WFL service technician.


Repairs Machine overhaul
  • Detailed error determination and documentation (via Teleservice and/or on-site)
  • Functional review and wearing parts check
  • Procurement of genuine spare parts (mechanical and electrical)
  • Professional replacement of defective components with genuine spare parts
  • Ensuring the perfect function and availability of your MILLTURN
  • Restoration of productivity, production security and accuracy
  • Rapid implementation
  • State of the art
  • Expensive procurement of new parts is often superfluous
  • Overhauls are tax deductible


maintenance summary

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