Greenside Technologies

The green machine

Greenside Technologies enables machines to be put into energy-saving mode (the hydraulics, pneumatics, lighting, drive supply, cooling system, etc. are deactivated) during the production process (after completion of commissioning) when they are not in use.

Only energy-efficient components with the option of energy recuperation or use of waste heat are used in the MILLTURN turning-boring-milling centres. Frequency-controlled pumps are used alongside highly energy-efficient motors and drives, meaning that electricity is drawn only in the exact amounts required. When the spindle drives brake, the machine works as a generator and feeds valuable electrical energy back into the grid. The additional energy-saving standby mode for organisational downtimes requires around 65% less energy compared to conventional idling.

  • WFL energy-saving standby mode
  • Frequency-controlled high-pressure pumps
  • Cooling units using water-to-water heat exchangers
  • CrashGuard Studio – preliminary simulation without machine operation
  • WFL Adaptive Control – fewer non-productive machine movements
  • Process monitoring – more efficient machining processes and less damage
  • Machine room lighting with LEDs in place of halogen and fluorescent lamps
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