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General questions about the portal

Yes, every WFL customer can get a membership.

The usage of the platform is free of charge.

The information originates from your online registration via the form. We check the data received and store it in the portal. You are completely anonymous because your profile is not visible to other users. The data merely make it easier to use the various portals (myToolFinder, myCapaMax etc.).

Yes, several users can use one company account. All users have the same rights, but each user has their own access.

You can manage your own data at any time by clicking the profile settings.

By sending an email to marketing(at)wfl.at. Our team will be happy to make the changes for you.

Data protection is one of the top priorities at myMILLTURN. We are aware how sensitive company-related data is and therefore take careful precautions to ensure that it remains secure. For this reason, the access to the system is not only technically encrypted, but also exclusive and individually checked. The data itself is encrypted with one of the strongest encryption systems. In addition, we are continuously monitoring who tries to enter the system.

These measures guarantee the highest level of security for you and your valuable data. We check the data received and store it in the portal. The profiles of the individual companies are not visible to other users. The users of the portal are subject to a duty of confidentiality which they agree to when registering.

WFL supports members with all questions about myMILLTURN and assists them with using the platform. Please get in touch with your contact person via the portal or send an email to marketing(at)wfl.at.

Questions about myCapaMax

You will receive your personal access data as soon as the system is online. After logging in, you can enter your "search" or your “offer". The information and data provided are the basis for many filter functions within the platform and ensure suitable search results. If a suitable partner is found during matchmaking, WFL will establish contact between the partners.

Only WFL customers, or more precisely MILLTURN owners, have access to the myMILLTURN portal and thus to myCapaMax. Other manufacturers can submit inquiries via the WFL homepage, but they cannot enter the portal.

Interested parties only see whether someone is offering or searching capacities. The parties offering or searching will be visible as pins on a map but have no access to detailed information on other members. Basic data, such as max. lengths and diameters or the number of produced workpieces, are displayed in all offers and searches.

Communication takes place via WFL or via the portal. The information and data provided are the basis for many filter functions within the platform and ensure suitable search results during matchmaking by WFL.

If no suitable partner can be found in the portal at the time of the inquiry, your offer or search remains active until a suitable partner is found or the inquiry is removed from the site.

Questions about myToolFinder

Yes, the ToolFinder is included in every myMILLTURN package.

No, the ToolFinder is free of charge. Costs only arise in the later course of the inquiry (planning and development) and when purchasing a WFL tool.

No, the ToolFinder facilitates inquires to our Tooling Solution expert team, provides information and moreover enables customers to search for tooling solutions independently.

Your inquiry is forwarded to our Tooling Solution expert team via the ToolFinder. One of our experts will contact you by telephone to exchange more detailed information, find out more about your needs and clarify any questions. Afterwards, your project will be further processed by our technicians.

No, a request does not oblige the customer to purchase.

Costs are only incurred after the contract has been concluded. You can obtain more detailed information from your tooling expert.

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