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TECtalk:myWFL Health Check

The WFL Health Check focuses on safety and reliability, which above all makes the overall condition of a MILLTURN visible. The WFL Health check ensures optimal performance through preventive maintenance and checking the machine geometry. With automatic measurement and measurement data logging, this software or hardware offers an efficient solution that can be used on all MILLTURNs.

TECtalk: iControl & SilentTools Plus

The geometry of workpieces and the materials used are becoming increasingly more complex. In addition, the market expects quick responsiveness and a high degree of flexibility, turning greater productivity from a mere topic for discussion into a firm customer requirement. These challenges have to be mastered and the customer's wishes fulfilled. The Silent ToolsTM Plus boring bar from Sandvik Coromant – the world market leader for tools and machining solutions – is equipped with sensors to provide data on utilisation, temperature, deflection and the surface quality achieved, and intervenes adaptively in the machining process if the limit parameters are exceeded. The process transparency gained allows the machining process to be significantly optimised.

TECtalk: Flanx

High quality requirements, profile accuracy and both reliable and flexible machining solutions are key features of gear manufacturing. Gear cutting on the MILLTURN offers perfect conditions for your manufacturing tasks. Gearing Solutions by WFL entail enormous advantages due to years of development and experiences.




WFL is presenting subsidiary FRAI - an automation company that designs and integrates highly complex robot solutions. Today we will show you how FRAI works, and we will talk about the advantages for FRAI customers with the man pulling the strings behind the scenes: CEO Franz Plasonig.

TECtalk: myWFL - operational data acquisition system

WFL is presenting a new, interesting software solution for operational data acquisition and predictive servicing. The new software tool, myWFL, consists of the operational data acquisition software myWFL Cockpit, the multifunctional energy optimisation tool myWFL Energy and the myWFL Condition Monitoring System.

TECtalk: mobileCELL

FRAI strives to be an innovative automation partner and therefore develops highly flexible robotic systems to respond to this trend. Concepts such as the mobileCELL are an absolute premiere and enable a wide range of expansion stages to make them as future-proof and competitive as possible.

TECtalk: Aerospace manufacturing

Small batch sizes of complex workpieces made of high-temperature-resistant metals are standard in the aerospace industry. Maximum precision and reliable processing of complex geometries are particularly important here.

TECtalk: Heavyweight Machining

Higher, faster, further - as the saying goes, but now there's "longer, wider, heavier". Industrial requirements are constantly being pushed upwards. All of this means that WFL is entering exciting territory: heavy-duty machining.

TECtalk: Measuring

The 4th episode of the WFL TECtalks is about measuring in a complete machining center. There are three different methods of measuring a workpiece in a machine. Mr. Aschauer, our head of programmer training, gives an overview of this complex topic and explains the differences. Learn more...


We speak to managing director Norbert Jungreithmayr and Reinhard Koll, head of application technology. They tell us all about the new M20 MILLTURN and why you should get into intelligent machining with WFL.

TECtalk: iControl

The first episode was published just weeks ago and we already have the second one ready for you!! We will talk to Christoph Schinerl, Head of WFLs' software engineering. He is going to tell us about the advantages of iControl and why it makes sense to use the WFL process control software.

TECtalk: Automation

This is our first season of WFL "TECtalks". In each of the 4 episodes we are going to talk about a specific technology related topic focusing on easing manufacturing processes, minimizing down time and increasing production efficiency. In the first episode we are talking to Andreas Bitzyk from FRAI Robotic Technologies. He is talking about the advantages of an automated production and FRAI’s customized automation solutions for complete machining centers.

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