Flanx - WFL gearing solutions

High quality standards, profile accuracy and ma­chining solutions that offer both reliability and flex­ibility are features that are critical when manufac­turing gears.

This has led WFL to develop new technologies. Cutting gears on MILLTURN complete machining centres is the answer and offers the perfect capa­bilities for your project.


  • No specialized machine required
  • Manufacture using standard milling tools
  • Large gear teeth can be cut on proportionally smaller machines
  • Manufacture of gear teeth with limited space at the heel and toe (low milling run-out)
  • Both hard and soft machining possible


Gear hobbing, i.e. Flanx-Hob, is used for straight and helical external gears (cylindrical or crowned). In addition, Flanx-Hob comes with “radius end”, “conical” and “variable feed” special solutions. Flanx-Hob uses conventional gear hobs - either solid HSS or carbide cutters or with indexable in­serted concepts. (Flanx-Plus, a combination of Flanx-Hob & Flanx-Spline, is also available)


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Flanx-Spline is suitable for straight or helical shaping of external and internal gears. Conventional slotting tools are used here too, which can be larger, even usable together with prismatic tool holders. The graphically supported programming simplifies use and achieves the same level of gear quality as special gear hobbing machines. (Flanx-Plus, a combination of Flanx-Hob & Flanx-Spline, is also available)



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Flanx-Large Module

The Flanx-Large Module gearing solution is designed to manufacture large, involute spur gear teeth. This highly flexible process using standard tools is com­patible with proportionally smaller machines and allows both soft machining and cutting teeth in hardened state.


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The Flanx-Invo cycle is the result of the collaboration with Sandvik Coromant (Flanx- InvoMillingTM by Sandvik Coromant) and is used to mill the involute forms of tooth flanks without an undercut. A process that is flexible, i.e. a process whereby differ­ent modules are compatible with a single tool, can cut on machining time while maintaining a very high feed rate. WFL achieves the highest level of machin­ing efficiency here thanks to the application of CrashGuard and CrashGuard Studio in process integration. This hybrid technology from WFL and Sandvik Coromant ensures the levels of quality of a gear hobbing ma­chine as a minimum.


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Flanx Gear-Skiving

Flanx-Gear Skiving is a hob peeling process for synchronised operation of the main and milling spindles. High cutting speeds enable a quick production of gears. The highly efficient cycle is used specifically for short external and internal gears and can provide a very useful application in your MILLTURN.


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