Based on the MILLTURN machine concept, WFL builds inclined bed turning machines for the highest level of stability and functionality.


The T-Series

The models T40 to T150 are inclined-bed turning centers with one or more tool turrets (available with driven tools and C-axis) for heavy machining as well as for high-precision machining of shaft and chuck parts.

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The benefits are clear:

  • Easy and reliable mechanical engineering
  • Highest stability and precision
  • 2-/4-axis turning
  • Entirely closed working area



The TB-Series

The models of the TB-series are the perfect solution for complex turned parts as well as for turned parts that needs a high number of tools. The TB40 to TB150 allows the high-precision machining of shaft and chuck parts up to 1500mm diameter and up to 8000mm workpiece length.

Special challenges call for special solutions: WFL turning machines in the TB series are equipped with Y- and B-axes, as well as external large-capacity tool magazine and an automatic tool changer. The optional prismatic tool system enables automated use of especially long and heavy tools: The options for challenging machining are therefore massively increased.


The benefits are clear:

  • Tools with a high level of wear require a high stock of tools
  • Ideally, complex turning contours could be milled smoothly with a (standard) tool using a B-axis
  • Thanks to a generous Y-axis, precise diameters can be measured exactly during the machining process
  • Due to the inclined bed concept and the fully enclosed working area, pre-machining using highly productive chipping rates can be carried out cleanly
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