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WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co. KG is the leading supplier in the field of complete machining.

WFL is the only manufacturer worldwide that concentrates exclusively on the production of multifunctional complete machining centres. In many high tech companies today, the trade name MILLTURN stands for the central machine tool for the production of complex components with the highest precision. The modular design of the MILLTURN centres and individual special solutions guarantee perfect adaptation to the relevant manufacturing task.

With a MILLTURN, customers are not only purchasing a CNC machine that meets the very highest demands for quality and precision, they are also gaining an unbeatable competitive advantage. 30 years' experience in complete machining and thousands of solutions guarantee that WFL customers will get the most efficient and reliable machinery.




Foundation of the company:


Business form:

Limited partnership with a limited liability company as general partner (GmbH & Co. KG)

Managing director:

Mag. Norbert Jungreithmayr (CEO), Günther Mayr


Austria, Germany, France, United Kingdom, USA, Brasil, China, India

Branches & Agencies:


Current employees:

~ 500 worldwide

Export ratio:

> 95%

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