Silent Tools Plus

The vibration-damped boring bar with integrated sensors from Sandvik Coromat

Improved performance with smart tools

The integration of smart sensors enables detailed tool information and machining states to be called up on the controller, a tablet or a PC. Signals are transmitted via Bluetooth so that the machine can respond interactively to a defined trigger event. The process can be visualised for documentation purposes and is therefore fully transparent. Suitably equipped Silent Tools Plus boring bars provide information on utilisation, temperature, deflection, and the surface quality achieved and actively intervene in the machining process in the event of an overload.


  • Power supply for sensors with inductive coupler (instead of battery)


  • Sensors in tools provide additional protection for the workpiece, tool and machine
  • Reduced workload for operators
  • Greater process reliability during machining
  • Early detection of overloads and vibrations during the machining process
  • Integration in WFL iControl Advanced+
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