Milling of flats and slots is possible in all angles. Thanks to the interpolation of up to 5 axes, the geometric shape of workpieces is practically unlimited. The Y-axis with its own collumn allows the use of disc cutters with large diameters without danger of collisions.



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5-Axis milling

The machining of contours and shapes requiring the interpolation of the axes B, C, X, Y and Z is also possible in our MILLTURNS, which might save investing in an expensive 5-axis machining centre.



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Turnmilling constitutes an alternative to turning operations on long workpieces with large diameters (no problem with idle time imbalance has no influence on the accuracy). Crankshafts, camshafts, pressure cylinders etc. can be machined with maximum precision and top surface quality.



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Cam milling

Machining with inclined B-axis (in the concave zone) or with the milling cutter in radial position in order to produce a highly precise cam shape. Milling of cam shafts for large Diesel engines, double cams for textile machines, eccentric contours in the aerospace field and for hydraulic components such as pump housings, in the same clamping as for turning.



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Pin milling

By the interpolation of X-, Y- and C-axis eccentrically rotating pins can be generated by turnmilling in a standard centric 3-jaw chuck. If the pin is wider than the tool diameter the extra length is machined by an additional feed in the Z-axis.

The complete machining of crankshafts together with oil hole drilling, gear hobbing, spline cutting, etc. in MILLTURN centres is an attractive alternative especially for large crankshafts or prototypes.

The machining is done either from a solid blank or from a forging. Due to the possibility of hard maching pre-grinding after hardening can be eliminated. In this application in-process probing offers all its advantages in compensating thermal and mechanical influences on the workpiece.


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Fir tree cutter

The so-called fir tree milling is mainly used in the production of turbine parts. With these profile cutters or form cutters, a very high accuracy of fit of the blade roots is guaranteed. These milling cutters are also able to machine non-linear movements. Effective and above all economical work is thus guaranteed in the aerospace and energy sectors.

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