Online collision prevention

The patented CrashGuard collision prevention system is a real-time software expansion for CNC control, which prevents collisions between machine components in automatic or manual mode using an internal 3D model of the machine.

Thanks to predictive 3D collision calculation taking into account the acceleration thresholds of the NC axes, CrashGuard reliably prevents collisions between machine components. Users can set their own minimum safety distances between the different collision combinations, e.g. top slide–bottom slide. CrashGuard only allows movements that have been tested to ensure they do not result in collisions, meaning that you no longer have to worry about varying response times.

  • Effective protection against collisions in automatic and manual operation
  • Collision-free operation even after program interruptions and manual intervention
  • At any time, the CNC system is aware of current positions of axes and speeds, PLC signals are also taken into account
  • Current settings of the control such as zero offsets, coordinate transformation, etc. are taken into account
  • „Reaction time“ = 0 !!! (breaking distances are taken into account in the NC interpolator in advance, so that the result is not just near real time, but real time!)

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