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An unproductive standstill of your MILLTURN has to prevented - regular maintenance measures within a service agreement (maintenance agreement or warranty extension agreement) or preventative machine inspections minimize the risk of unforeseen standstills.


In order to ensure the desired productivity and availability of your MILLTURN, regular preventative maintenance is vital. The regular maintenance prevents production downtime and ensures the consistent quality of the workpieces. Our service agreements offer you this vital maintenance work at calculable costs.

Types of contract



Maintenance agreement

Warranty extension agreement

Replacement of defective wearing parts in accordance with our wearing parts list

Inspection and configuration of the entire machine geometry

Inspection and configuration of the tool changer

Inspection of the machine for any visible damage

Inspection and maintenance of the clamping devices provided by WFL

Examination of the hydraulic unit for tightness and functioning

Inspection of the installed safety devices

Inspection of machine functions

Creation of a maintenance protocol with any recommended repairs

Mandatory possession of a remote diagnostics system (Teleservice)


Free use of the remote diagnostics system (Teleservice)


Remedy of machine faults in accordance with warranty conditions


The maintenance agreement includes an annual inspection and the related maintenance of your MILLTURN where necessary.



The maintenance agreement includes:

  • Wearing parts
  • Hours worked by the service technician
  • Travel costs of the service technician
  • Special conditions that apply to any additional servicing and/or maintenance work required
  • Annual WFL maintenance plaque as evidence of the last maintenance

The warranty extension agreement includes all services under the maintenance agreement and all further proven benefits of our machine warranty for the period agreed.

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