And the Best of Industry Award goes to WFL Millturn Technologies!

WFL won in the category “Modular Machine Concept” with the M20 MILLTURN!

We are delighted to receive this special award at the award ceremony in Würzburg on December 7th, 2023. We would like to thank all those who gave us their vote!

WFL made it to the finals as one of three participants. After four months of voting and a total of 160 participants in 24 categories, WFL came out as winner in the category "Modular machine concept" with the M20 MILLTURN.
When developing the product, there were special requirements and challenges for the team - such as the optimal construction and development of the machine construction hallo .

The difficulty here was to combine the following aspects: On the one hand, the high number of variants, the complexity and the performance data and, on the other hand, the compact machine dimensions that had to be realized. Continuous development of the products is essential for WFL. We look forward to being able to submit and present technological highlights at the Best of Industry Award in the future.

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