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Lead time reduced by 50%

AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG is uniting its divisions – AUMA Water, AUMA Power, AUMA Oil & Gas, AUMA Drives and AUMA Industry – under the slogan ‘AUMA – one brand’. The divisions relate to the industries that the company operates in, and the synergies between these areas are exploited in procurement as well as in development, design and engineering.


Clear water with Hiller centrifuges

Hiller GmbH has been developing decanter centrifuges and complete systems for the separation of solids and liquids in the small town of Vilsbiburg, Bavaria, for more than 50 years. Over 6500 centrifuges are already in use around the world, and around 200 decanter centrifuges are delivered to customers every year....

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Entering Earth's orbit more efficiently

ArianeGroup is a world leader in access to space, working for its institutional and commercial customers and ensuring Europe's strategic independence.

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Complete machining of parts for vehicle transmissions

Armoured vehicles need huge levels of drive torque to get going. In order to deliver the necessary propulsive force, manufacturers rely on transmissions from Augsburg-based Renk GmbH, the specialist in fully automatic transmissions for heavy tracked military vehicles. And wherever top performance is required, you can be sure that solutions from WFL are not far behind. But first things first…

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Persistent in every respect.

Famous for its spas and health tourism, the town of Bad Marienberg is located in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The region boasts a long history of promoting entrepreneurial activity; Vecoplan was founded way back in 1969. The company's activities are focussed on the processing of residual materials and waste for material and thermal recycling. Various systems for shredding, conveying, storage and separation have been developed in support of these activities. With 500 employees worldwide, 18 active patents and record-breaking turnover in 2021, Vecoplan AG is on the path to success. Its sites are located across Europe and the USA, with its company headquarters in Bad Marienberg. Service and sales subsidiaries can be found in Poland, Austria, Italy, Spain, the UK and the USA. Plans are in place for additional sites with the aim of serving the market as directly as possible.

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Large, precise, reliable

The second largest WFL machine model – a M150 MILLTURN – was delivered to the Czech Republic in autumn 2021 using oversized transportation. The machine, which is 16.5 metres long and weighs 60 tonnes is now located at V-NASS in Ostrava. Pavel Krpec, Director and Chairman of V-NASS, a.s. gives us a peek behind the scenes and reveals some interesting facts.

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Bredel brings flexibility to automated turning-milling processes

Bredel in Delden, manufacturer of industrial hose pumps, has invested in a M65-G MILLTURN turning-milling centre from WFL. The machine tool is supplied by Oude Reimer from Hilversum. In order to make the best use of the productivity and capabilities of the turning-milling centre, the WFL machine tool is equipped with a large tool magazine, an automation solution from Promot and a jaw quick-change system from Schunk specially developed for this project. With the complete installation, Bredel can produce various parts for hose pumps unmanned and achieve short throughput times.

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Flying with Alp Aviation

Our editorial team flew to Eskisehir to talk to Mr. Serkan Erten, Business Unit Director from Engine Business Unit at Alp Aviation, and found out about the business fields of Alp Aviation as well as the connection between WFL and Alp.

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Technological versatility in a class of its own

With its 28,000 inhabitants, the town of Meissen in the German state of Saxony is best known for being home to Europe’s oldest manufacturer of porcelain. But it is not only the production of the finest porcelain that defines Meissen; the surrounding area also has plenty to offer in the way of industry. Kersten, the specialist mechanical engineering company, was established in 1965. After the German reunification, the company ran with two small milling centres and 12 employees, and over the years, the production of parts and components developed into the main area of business.

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„Turning is my life“

The story of a small company in Bavaria is a perfect example of how to turn a hobby into a successful business. As a machining expert for special alloys, Waldemar Maul – together with his wife Anna – has already firmly established himself in Germany through his company "Edelstahl WM GmbH". Whether duplex, super duplex or V4A steels, higher alloyed materials are produced here with remarkable precision and quality.

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Plastic technology par excellence

It‘s all about plastic. This material, which has many impressive technical properties, can be found in so many areas of our lives. And it is a sector where Wittmann Battenfeld excels. The company has a modern, diverse and, above all, modular range of machines for processing plastics and other plasticisable materials and is a true leading player in the market. An M30 MILLTURN from WFL has recently taken centre stage in the production of high-precision rotating machine components.

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The finishing touches in production

Traditional company Kapp Niles has been in existence for more than 120 years. From its inception, Niles focussed on the development of gear finishing machines and has built up extensive expertise in this area. Bernhard Kapp founded “Kapp & Co.” in 1953 and the two companies merged to form a Group in 1997. As early as 1980, the portfolio was extended to include the production of grinding tools and since 2017 the company has been producing its own measuring machines. The company will soon be managed by the third generation of Kapps: Michael and Matthias. Kapp Niles has nine production sites throughout the world and the Group employs just under 1000 members of staff.

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Milling down to the finest detail

For many years now, DESCH has been a keen advocate of the concept of complete machining. Using a machine park that already includes eight different MILLTURN complete machining centres, drive solutions are designed and produced for a wide variety of machining industries. Components for driving presses and switchable couplings through to highly complex specialised gearboxes, or even large gear units for rolling mills and smelting works, are just a few of the typical applications that DESCH is currently manufacturing.

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Pushed to the maximum

With over 4,000 employees and an extensive range of tools, operating equipment and personal protective equipment, the Hoffmann Group is one of the major players in the industry. In 2019, its parent company, Hoffmann SE, celebrated its 100th anniversary. The first WFL Millturn complete machining centre was also commissioned last year at the Hoffmann Group. This machine takes on a highly unconventional role – rather than producing components, it is used to test and optimise tools. These are ruthlessly pushed to their very limits. The result is a huge amount of chips and valuable tool data.

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The spirit of innovation at its peak

Some fields, a small municipal road and a sign reading “Business Park Holzhausen”. Nothing suggests that we are about to find high-tech potential in this small town near to the airport in Linz. Peak Technology was founded in 2007 by Dieter Grebner. The company not only provides Formula 1, but also the aerospace industry with complex and ultra-light carbon fibre composites.

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Ready for take off

Brazil – the land of joie de vivre and breathtaking nature. It’s samba, caipirinha, endless beaches as well as the rain forest of the Amazon Basin which shape our perception. Rio de Janeiro is the symbol of absolute beauty and spectacular sights, of which the country has innumerable. Furthermore, Brazil is also land of high technology and sophisticated machining of high tech components.

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The company Toyo Matic Aerospace Ltd. invited us to visit their factory in Brasil. We talked to owner and CEO Mr. Edvaldo da Rosa and learned about the main reasons for the purchase of the M120 MILLTURN / 3000mm. The market is asking for flexible, fast and precise solutions, which are excellently covered by WFL’s multitasking machining concept.

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Multi-functional miracle in practice

Over the following pages, we reveal the secrets of Jihlavan‘s success. With its decision to acquire the M30 MILLTURN multi-function machine, the manufacturer of hydraulic Systems for aerospace and agricultural applications has laid a new cornerstone for the company.

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