Complete machining of crankshafts in small series

Deep Hole Drilling
Pin Milling (Electric Milling)
In-Process Measuring
Gear machining

The complete machining of crankshafts including deep hole drilling of oil channels or milling of gear teeth proves to be the best alternative to conventional manufacturing processes with a MILLTURN.

With our many years of experience and the use of flexible and multifunctional complete machining centers, we efficiently produce prototypes and small series of crankshafts. Whether highly productive rough machining or precise pre-finishing - all geometries of crankshafts can be completely machined in a MILLTURN from WFL.


Cranx - the crankshaft profiler

With the WFL cycle packages for crankshaft machining branch-specific requirements are handled quickly and efficiently.

• Cranx-Basic (basic crankshaft package)

• Cranx-Advanced (extended crankshaft package)

• Cranx-Plus (complete crankshaft package)


Advantages of the production of crankshafts in a MILLTURN

• Reduction of machining operations

• Minimal set-up effort

• Low space requirement

• Reduced manpower

• Clamp once - machine complete (including all turning, milling, measuring and turn-milling operations)

• Optimum form and position tolerances due to elimination of clamping mistakes in multiple clampings

• Process monitoring with WFL iControl

• Process reliability

• WFL cycles for crankshaft machining

• Flexibility in machining especially with regard to small series and prototype production

• Integrated workpiece measurement

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